The Management of Information in the Family DOORS app

This privacy statement describes how your information is handled in the Family DOORS app.

The Family DOORS app was developed by Jennifer E. McIntosh and RASA (“we/us”). We made this app available at no cost to practitioners and organisations providing counselling and family law services. Your practitioner/organisation has asked you to use the Family DOORS app. Doing this helps them provide you with a more effective, appropriate and safer service. This privacy statement summarises how we handle your information in the app. Please note: practitioners/organisations will also have their own privacy policies telling you about how they handle the information you provide them (such as during phone calls, in registration forms, or in appointments).

If you don’t want to use the Family DOORS app then please contact reception or speak to the practitioner who asked you to do it.

Information collected by the Family DOORS app

We only collect information in the Family DOORS app that you provide us. This includes things like your gender and age and about your wellbeing and safety. You provide us with this information when you work through the Family DOORS app questions.

For clients of RASA: Your information is protected under our privacy policy. You can ask for a copy in any of our offices or online at

For clients outside RASA: The Family DOORS app does not collect any identifiable personal information about you (such as your name, address or date of birth). This means you are anonymous to the developers of the Family DOORS app. However after you have completed the Family DOORS app, they (ie your practitioner/organisation) will need to know who you are so that they can assist the right person. They may also give you a unique code number (such as a Client ID or Case Reference ID) and then link that code number to other identifiable personal information that you have provided outside the Family DOORS app (such as during phone calls, in registration forms, or in appointments with your practitioner). This other information about you is not stored in the Family DOORS app.

All information in the Family DOORS app is held in a secure server stored in Australia. You may be able to use a pseudonym for some services – check with your practitioner/organisation if you want to talk about this possibility.

Using information from the Family DOORS app

The primary purpose for collecting and using your information in the Family DOORS app is for your practitioner/organisation to detect and respond to any important safety or wellbeing risks affecting you, your family, or those close to you. That’s why the practitioner/organisation will want to identify you to provide you with an effective and appropriate service and keep you safe, if needed.

The developers of the Family DOORS app may use de-identified information that you provide to check or improve the functionality of the Family DOORS app. For example, we may check the app is working as intended or to see how long it takes to complete the app.

In partnership with practitioners/organisations, we may also group together (“aggregate”) de-identified and anonymous information from many clients to analyse data trends. For example, we may see how many people have mental health risks or if gender is related to mental health. Even though the information is anonymous and de-identified, we won’t do this with any practitioner/organisation unless 1) we have their prior permission and 2) we have their assurance that using their anonymous client information in this way would be acceptable to their clients. We do this with the hope of improving the safety and wellbeing of clients and their families who are using services now and in the future of all DOORS app users. Examples of how we do this with anonymous information from clients at RASA are available at http:/// To be clear, you cannot be personally identified in any of these analyses and if we had any personal information about you then we will only ever provide it where we are legally required or legally authorised.

Using the Family DOORS app shows you accept these terms of use which are guided by the Australian Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).